Top Ten Reasons to Buy Oysters

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Cage Package and OCVA Membership From Only $175 Per Cage

1) One oyster filters up to 50 gallons of water each day. Each cage holds 2000 oysters. meaning your cage alone can filter 100,000 gallons DAILY!

2) The Oyster Company of Virginia's "Oysters for Life" campaign will help the waterman transition from "Hunter Gatherer" to aquaculture farmer. In addition, the program will provide sustainanble jobs for the waterman and others in the industry.

3) As a "Thank you", our waterman will send you two dozen, fresh packed, VA oysters in the shell, once a year for the rest of your life ($275) or for the next 10 years ($175) - anywhere in the Continental US! You can fry, roast, steam or enjoy them fresh in their shell.

4) You become a member of a team, actively participating to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay while at the same time helping to restore the native VA Oyster.
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5) Makes a unique gift for the Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions.

6) Our cages create mini-reefs providing for other fish and reef habitat.

7) During our introductory period, anyone who buys an "Oysters for Life" Cage Package becomes a lifetime member of the Severn River Eco-Island Retreat.

8) Receive invitations to and news concerning other events and functions supporting the Chesapeake Bay, its Waterman and the return of the Virginia Oyster.

9) You are doing your part to help restore and preserve one of our country's national treasures for future generations.

10) You are doing all this with an aphrodisiac.

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