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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I make payment and purchase an oyster cage package?
You become a member or supporter of the "Oysters For Life" cage program. Members receive an official certificate that includes your unique cage number.

Starting in the Fall of 2012 you will be contacted to start receiving your Virginia oysters! Our delivery webpage will allow you to choose the date and time of your delivery (beginning November 1st, 2012).

Can I order more Virginia Oysters with my annual shipment? Can I order additional oysters anytime?
Yes. You may order more Virginia oysters withany shipment! Membership qualifies for wholesale pricing (Up to 70% savings). Have your own Oyster Roast!

Can I change where the oysters will be delivered after the order has been processed?
Yes. Just go to the Contact Us page on www.oystersforlife.com, or call 804.405.8460. You may only change the address and/or the month the oysters will be delivered. The original name on the certificate will remain permanently with the 'for life' offer.

How do I make contact with "Oysters For Life" if I have any questions?
Go to the Contact Us page on the website, email info@oysterva.com, or call 804.405.8460.

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