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The Oyster Company of Virginia, LLC has developed the Oyster Cage Co-op Program to provide a "bridge" for Watermen to become successful aqua farmers. OCVA has developed commercial and "non commercial" value added propositions with the native Virginia oyster as part of the OCVA business matrix: Sale of 'Virginia Oysters' and Nutrient Reduction Programs (NRP) for the health of our Chesapeake Bay. The Oyster Company of Virginia has also acquired exclusive worldwide rights to Reeftek, Inc.'s "Oyster Eco Reef Module" (a Virginia engineered product) for accelerating the benefits of its' proprietary design to propagate oysters, hooked mussels and other "Filter Feeding" organisms as an incubator for reviving a sustainable eco reef system. Having quantitative values through its documented filtration design and over a decade of testing in the Rappahannock River, OCVA/Reeftek is strategically positioned as a leading edge solutions provider for complimentary "Service Contract" programs for the Nutrient Reduction Credit Trading Programs (NRCTP) and/or Eco Restoration Projects (ERP) being developed by state and federal agencies for the health of our Chesapeake Bay, other watersheds (such as the Gulf) and throughout the world.